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lady di.

August 11, 2013

I don’t know if I can think of a more perfect picture of elegance and grace than Princess Diana.

With all of the recent hype about the Royal Baby and the new movie Diana set to come out this fall,

not to mention her 51st birthday would have been July 1st

and the 16th anniversary of her death on August 31st,

I’ve been reminded of just how much I love the Princess of Wales.

diana 1

She was timeless.

“She was a naturally beautiful woman inside and out and a lady of great warmth, humility and compassion.” // Jimmy Choo

diana 10

With effortless style.

“The fashion world takes itself so seriously, but I saw Diana as above all that.” // Catherine Walker

diana + mother teresa

And a beautiful soul.

“I’d like people to think of me as someone who cares about them.” // Diana

diana + charles

She fell in love with the Prince of Wales.

diana + charles engagement

Taken the day after Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana Frances Spencer.

Does this image look familiar?

wills + kate

How about now?

will + kate + charles + diana

What about these?


She married Prince Charles at the early age of 20…

While wearing the longest veil in Royal Wedding history made of 3 different fabrics.


Honeymooners — she was so beautiful.

diana 12

This is one of my most favorite pictures I’ve ever seen of her.

Taken in Australia in 1983 when Diana accompanied Charles on a tour of Australia + New Zealand along with the newborn Prince William.

“I have a woman’s instinct and it’s always a good one.” // Diana

diana + charles kiss

She wasn’t perfect — but she was great.

She had so much thrown at her so early in life.

diana 2

And so much life left to live when hers was so abruptly ended.

//tell me she doesn’t resemble like Blake Lively in the above picture//

diana + charles polo match

She was genuine.

diana 7

And not your typical Royal.

Above: wearing a necklace, given to her by the Queen as a wedding gift, in the form of a headband

with a one-shouldered dress to a movie premier.

I imagine Queen Elizabeth pictured the jewel encrusted piece being worn in a more conventional style.

diana + the raegans

Some of my favorites:

Prince Charles + Princess Diana + First Lady Nancy Reagan + POTUS Ronald Reagan

I love both Lady Di’s & the First Lady’s gowns in this picture — two legendary women.

diana + john travolta

The Princess took to the White House’s dance floor with John Travolta that night.

This navy Victor Edelstein dress is now known as the “Travolta Dress.”

diana + nelson mandela

“She was undoubtedly one of the best ambassadors of Great Britain.” // Nelson Mandela

Quite the compliment.

diana 9

A Royal in purple…imagine that.

diana 8

& to contrast all of the gowns:

Out at the polo fields,

just to show that “she could do what she wanted.”

diana + kids

Leopard + Wayfarers — I don’t find it a coincidence that these are still staples today.

Just ask J.Crew…

diana + boys

I don’t think her boys ever had to wonder if she loved them. What an incredible mother.

“Hugs can do great amounts of good – especially for children.” // Diana

hiding from papparazzi

Diana + Harry peep around a corner while hiding from the paparazzi.

She put so much effort into keeping her children’s lives as normal and private as possible;

all the while helping them find their role as members of the Royal Family.

the people's princess

She was The People’s Princess.

“Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.” // Diana

diana 13

A humanitarian with a heart for those in need.

“HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug; Heaven knows they need it.” // Diana

diana 14

“I don’t rule by the book. I lead from the heart, not the head.” // Diana

diana 4diana 5

She will always hold a place in hearts + her memory will live on.

“When you are happy, you can forgive a great deal.” // Diana

mario testino

Vanity Fair: 1997

by: Mario Testino

(three images above)

Just a little FYI: Diana is covering the September issue of Vanity Fair — picked it up last night!!


The issue hit stands this week! Go. Pick. It. Up.

diana 3

Forever iconic.

“She was a remarkable woman. She was complicated, strong, intelligent and vulnerable.” //Naomi Watts

By the way, Instyle + TIME + The Huffington Post have beautiful galleries depicting the life of Diana.



p.s. my apologies for such a long post, but it’s hard to fit such a life in a little blog.

the everygirl.

August 9, 2013

heyyyy, you guyyyyssss,

My friend Amanda Coker of Dash Photography

//you know, the girl who does some awesome shoots for me//

is up on The Everygirl!

#humblebrag #iknowher


Go check it out!

You can find it here!




July 31, 2013

A little different What I’m wearing Wednesday.

Here’s a look at a few looks I’ve worn out lately…#selfie style.


//work day//

top: j.crew blouse

pants: j.crew ponte pants

shoes: zara

necklace: dress up boutique



dress: dress up boutique

shoes: zara

jewelery: dress up boutique, michael kors, dannijo

sunglasses: ray-ban



//dinner + drinks//

cream top: t.j.maxxx

military jacket: j.crew

white denim: pac sun

flops: rainbow

jewelery: dress up boutique, nordstrom, michael kors, dannijo

247  afterlight (2)


both of these pairs of shoes are from zara + i literally want to wear them all of the time.

hence their frequent appearances in my pictures.


//that time i was invisible//


//midi ring//

can’t forget this little guy

ring: urban outfitters


//olde pink house restaurant//

just wanted to sneak this in.

the hummingbird at the olde pink house restaurant in savannah is to die for.

a little st. germain + sparkling wine — can’t go wrong.

p.s. you can follow @prevailingstyle on all types of social media:

instagram: jp_rowland

facebook: Prevailing Style

twitter: @prevailingstyle

tumblr: prevailingstyle

pinterest: Jordan Rowland

#checkitout + #follow



Happy Hump Day!

london calling.

July 25, 2013

What I’m Wearing Wednesday on Thursday all thanks to Prince George.

But I don’t mind at all.

Welcome to my life Liberty of London for J.Crew.

Liberty of London creates the most fun floral prints!

I’ve loved this brand for a while now & really loved their Spring collection for J.Crew.

denim: Liberty of London for J.Crew

peplum top: Express

wedges: Michael Kors

watch: Michael Kors

bracelets: DANNIJO

topaz cocktail ring: vintage

topaz + diamond ring: Dimo



<photo cred: amanda of dash photography>

he’s here.

July 24, 2013

For those of us that woke up at 3:00 am to take part in watching + celebrating the Royal Wedding,

you’re probably just as thrilled about the birth of the Royal Baby…

…whether you like babies or not!

The wait is over & I think a few of us are pretty excited about it!


Prince William + the Duchess of Cambridge have finally given birth to a baby boy & the world could not be more excited!


(via perez hilton)

William + Kate walk out of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital in the same fashion (pun intended) as Charles + Diana.

Polka dots for the win.

Kate’s one of a kind, cornflower blue, Jenny Packham dress sent the designer’s website straight into a head on collision crash.

& of course, she walked out in wedges.


This baby is destined to be beautiul.

Can we just talk about Kate’s blowout for a minute?

I mean, somebody send the Royal hairdresser my way.

carole + michaelcharles + camilla

Both sets of grandparents visited before the party of three left the hospital.

All seemed elated with their new center of attention.

kate + baby

Why is my name not Kate Middleton?

Why am I not at Bucklebury with my new born & husband, Prince William?

wavingkate waving

Flawless is really the only word that comes to mind.

Oh…and jealous.

walking to car

That is one lucky baby.

See what the Duke + Duchess had to say about their new tot: here.

Any guesses as to what His Royal Highness’s name will be?

Arthur has my vote.

Considering I have 4 chances for that to be one of his 4 first names, I’ve got my fingers crossed.

I’d love to know what your guess is! [comment below]

bunnydi + wills

Happy Hump Day, everyone!



(images via british vogue)

off beat.

July 17, 2013

#whatimwearingwednesday is back again.

In this week’s post, I branched out a little from my usual & it was a lot of fun!

I’m a big fan of high tops lately, but not always sure what to pair them with.

So I picked a few things out of my closet that I wouldn’t normally put together & went with it.

happy hump day!



photos by amanda of dash photography

in love with f. scott.

July 15, 2013

all kinds of love

I know I’m a little late on posting this, but better late than never, right?

Time has slipped away from me a little, so I’m making up for it now.

I had to read The Great Gatsby in high school for a Lit class & fell in love with the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I was looking for a little inspiration this week & found it in his words.

So I thought I would share some with you.

with the summer

i fell in love


live a life youre proud of

i hope


How gorg are these Coralie Bickford-Smith editions of Fitzgerald’s works?

I need these on my bookshelves stat.

zelda + f. scott

Zelda + F. Scott Fitzgerald

i love her

z + f

Happy Monday!

be inspired.