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vegas style.

May 24, 2012

Mid June, my sister and I are going on a trip to Las Vegas! We have been so excited and busy planning hotels, concerts, shows, restaurants, etc.  We were going over more details the other day when she asked me, “what are you going to wear?” Usually that question is a no brainer for me-whenever I have a special event, trip, or occasion coming up my mind instantly fills with infinite outfit choices. Not this time! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR!!

As a Vegas first timer, I really don’t know what to expect as far as fashion goes, but here is what I imagine:



I definitely will not be looking like that. However, my closet is filled with bright summer clothes that are perfect for weddings and parties-not nights out in Vegas!  I need some outfits that are fun, flirty, and maybe a little clubby (feel free to use that word-think I just made it up!) that are still me and that preferably don’t make me look like a $10 hooker…

Can’t we find some middle ground?!

I am dying for this little number pinned by Prevailing Style’s own Jordan Rowland:

I think it would be perfect for Sin City- but I’m certain it is way out of my budget! Maybe I can buy it with all of my Vegas winnings?!

I also love both of these (more realistic) options from my all time fave Tibi:

Classic LBD with grommets or neon pink chiffon?


That’s all I’ve come up with!

Clearly I need help. What would you or have you worn to Vegas?



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