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mani monday.

June 25, 2012

Hello all!

I apologize for my absence & am grateful for your patience with me!

I’ve been in the process of seeking out some inspiration and working on some upcoming projects & seem to not have enough hours in the day.

But, that said, I’m back & have some great things in store for Prevailing Style!

I’ve never been one to paint my nails often, but this summer, I keep finding colors of polish that I love!

So, for the time being, I’ll be posting some of those on the blog & hope to share some new colors for you to try, too!

Today’s color is one of my current faves!

Essie: Bikini So Teeny

I love this shade! I think it is perfect for summer!

I can’t wait to try it myself!

Keep an eye out on Twitter for pictures as I try out the different lacquers I post on the blog!

Here’s another look at it, thanks to Birchbox!

Follow them on Twitter!

& sign up to get the latest & greatest in beauty products from Birchbox every month!

Also, if you’re looking for different shades of blue, Essie has those too!

(How’d you like that rhyme?)

[image via @psimadethis‘s instagram feed]

Check out her DIY blog here!

1. Barbados Blue

2. Bikini So Teeny

3. Lapiz Of Luxury

4. Coat Azure

5. Beach Bum Blu

[I’m guessing on these color names — not 100% positive, but matching them to the swatches on the Essie sight, they appear to be correct!]

I’d love to see pictures if any of you try out this color & what outfits you pair it with!

I think it will look great with some cut-offs & a white tee!

Follow me on Instagram to see pictures of the colors I try out!

My name is: jp_rowland.

Happy Monday!



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