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thrifty thursday.

June 28, 2012

After a few relaxing days off of work spent poolside & shopping last week,

I spent last weekend at home with my family in Athens.

On Saturday, we went on an antiquing/thrifting spree & found some stellar deals.

My favorite of the bunch was a pair of vintage Prada loafers that my sister found at an antique mall…I literally died over them.

Still do.

I. Die.

Did I mention they were only $33.00?

That’s right, people.

Marked down from $57.00…gotta love antique mall sales.

And they fit her like a glove.

We also found some beautiful hats.

Take me to the races! Or to a royal wedding…or both.

Preferably both.

This one was my favorite!

I loved the asymmetry of it and the soft pink.

Now, if only I had somewhere to wear it.

Evann, my sister, picked up this little, green number.

Pillbox hats are making a comeback, my friends.

Or maybe just with Ev, we shall see.

She got it for a nice little $12.00.

I also liked this one! I liked how the color of the hat looked against my hair.

Blonde on blonde.

Yes or yes?

This was a pretty cool cocktail ring…I’m always looking to add some vintage jewelry to an outfit!

And last but not least, another one of Evann’s finds for the day.

Somehow she walked away with the best stuff.

Vintage Dooney & Bourke that she took home for $40.00.

Not to mention, it is in incredible condition — inside & out…

…kind of like her, beautiful inside & out.

Awwww…what a sweet sister I am. 🙂

Back to the purse.

I’m a fan of the vintage all leather & non-patterned purses.

Much more so than than the newer pieces with the logo plastered all over them.

And we topped the scorching hot afternoon off with some dipped cones!

You seriously can’t go wrong with these things.

I mean, how good does that look?

So, these were a few of our <thrifty> finds for the day!

What’s the coolest thing you’ve found thrifting/antiquing?



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