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dip dye diy.

July 13, 2012

Lately, I’ve been looking into just how many different things I can do to a pair of vintage jeans.

I found this pair of pleated, Wrangler, mom-jeans vintage jeans at a local thrift store & could not pass them up.

They are pink, for crying out loud.

I’m pretty sure I had made an oath that I would never, ever own a pair of Wranglers.

But, they were pink…so I made an excuse.


— a pair of jeans

— bleach

— bucket

— pants hanger

Step 1:

Cut shorts off to a length a few inches longer than the desired finished length.

Step 2:

Fill your bucket with water about 4 inches from the top.

Mix in approximately 2 cups of bleach.

And now you’re ready to dip your shorts!

Fold your shorts in half & attach them to the pants hanger.

Here comes the tricky part…

I had to kind of rig a way for my pants to hang at the line that I wanted the bleach to reach.

I used a shelf in my bathroom closet & looped hair ties together until I could hook my hanger onto them.

I soaked the shorts for around 2 hours…you can do shorter or longer — depending on the desired shade you are wanting.

Step 3:

Once your shorts have reached the desired color, take them out of the bleach & ring them out.

Then throw them in the washer & dryer!

They’ll come out with a great frayed edge!

Once you’ve dried the shorts, try them on & make sure they are the length you’d like.

If you want them shorter, cut them off to the desired length & re-wash & dry them for the frayed edge.

Here’s how I wear mine:

 I’d love to hear if you try this out & how it works for you!



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  1. Cody Thompson permalink
    July 16, 2012 3:38 pm

    these. are. uh. mazing.

    I am going to scour Goodwill/Potter’s House/etc. until I find some similar to do this! Love!


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