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July 15, 2012

As promised, here’s an instagram overview of my July 4th holiday.

Seeing as I’m such a patriotic person, I made a week out of the celebration & headed down to the lake to spend it with my family.

Crossing the bridge on the way to the cabin.

As a kid, I would hold my breath & pick my feet up off the floor of the car thinking that would keep me safer in case the bridge were to collapse. True story.

I grew up spending summers there, so to me, it feels like my second home.

Just about every morning, at breakfast, mom would have a massive bowl of fresh fruit cut up & an assortment of Greek yogurt to mix in.


Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, kiwi, grapes…seriously, it doesn’t get better.

Sunset boat ride on the 4th.

Those are one of my favorite parts about being at the the lake & it could not have been prettier.

Oh Captain, my Captain.

Dad taking me on a sunset ride. Love him!

Hanging out on the water, watching the sun go down with family & friends.

Remember these guys?

 I told you I was bringing them back for the 4th!

And to think, Labor Day is just around the corner.

I really do love America.

My sister & I headed to lay out with my family.

If we’re being honest, we all got fried.

Oh, and you know you want those hater blockers I’m wearing.

How I spent most mornings.

Some of my fondest memories are summers at the lake house watching Wimbledon with my family.

Not to mention, Fed is my all time favorite — so I was pretty stoked for him to win it again!

But, I did kind of fall in love with Andy Murray over the course of the tournament…so I’ve got my fingers crossed for him to win next year!

Clearly, I can’t get enough of the sunset pictures.

The cafe at Ridge Road Bait & Tackle might have the best breakfast ever.

It is so small town, everything there is, but I love it!

Pair of Jacks is the only place to get groceries with 15 miles or so each way…we always hit it up for some snacks!

Out on an afternoon boat ride.

Me with my sister & the madre.

Out on our last sunset ride for the week…headed home the next morning.

And one last sunset picture from the week.

(no filter — straight from the iPhizzle)

I could not have asked for a better, more relaxing week.

Time off from work & spending it with my family was exactly what I needed.

I wish I was still there!

What did you do to celebrate the 4th?

Any traditions you take part in every year?



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