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July 17, 2012

Happy Shoesday, all!

Today’s post is dedicated to a single pair of shoes, due to their off the charts score on the awesome scale.

Well, I guess it’s more like two really similar pairs of shoes.

I think Blair Eadie’s sense of style is impecable, but honestly — who doesn’t?

There’s this one pair of Theysken’s Thoery shoes that she wears on the reg (especially during fall/winter) that I so wish I could find somewhere.


<image via atlantic pacific>

The above & below images are the Theyskens’ Theory shoe in the wedge version.

I am in shoe heaven.

I mean really, how good are these?

<image via atlantic-pacific>

They are so perfect.

Unfortunately, I am unable to find them anywhere.

BUT, there is a similar pair that is on SALE as we speak!

Pretty much, the only difference is that BEE’s pair is the wedge version of this.

I love the platform, pointed front.

These can easily be paired with jeans & a cute top for a more casual look OR with a skirt or dress if you’re looking for a little more fance in your ensemble!

Although I die for a great pair of wedges, I think this chunky heel is pretty great too!

& it’s sky high…can you say, “Yes, please!”

You can find them on the Theory website!

This shoe could be a major staple in your wardrobe wardrobe.

It’s versatility is unbeatable.

Get them while they last, people!

Have a great Tuesday!



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