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bachelorette party.

August 16, 2012

Remember that bachelorette party I told y’all I was going to this past weekend??

Well it was a huge success!

As the maid of honor, I put my planning skills to use & I think I planned a pretty fun time for everyone!

We headed down to Atlanta Saturday afternoon for a day of fun with the girls!

Hannah (one of the bridesmaids) & myself headed down a little early to get us all checked in & set up at Hotel Indigo.

The hotel location was awesome — pretty central to everything we did.

<the view out of our hotel room window>

Not to mention, minus a crazy lady in the room next to us, our experience there was awesome.

<survival kits>

I made survival kits for all of the girls & had them waiting on the beds for them when they all got there after our hair appointments.

They included:

a mix tape of girls night out songs / lip gloss / nail file / altoids / hand sanitizer / wisps / ring pop / mini brush & mirror

& some little bachelorette goodies.

<getting my hair washed at Dry Bar>

After checking in & getting everything set up at the hotel, we met the rest of the girls over at Dry Bar in Buckhead for blowouts!

Seriously, this was one of the most relaxing things ever. I will definitely be back.

<some of the girls at Dry Bar>

Dry Bar was such a great experience!

You go in, have your hair washed & dried, & then styled.

Needless to say, my hair took about 30 minutes longer than everyone else’s thanks to having a head full of really long hair.

<Dry Bar>

They even bring out drinks & snacks to you.

That mimosa was just the thing to top off my experience.

<Mary Lee, Lauren, Rebekah, Jordan, Rebekah, Hannah, Kristy, & me…all of the girls after having our hair done>

The stylists did such a great job & made it so much fun for us!

Also, if you guys remember from my last post about hairstyles, I’ve never been brave enough to try out the middle part & I finally did it!

I got the “Mai Tai” style at Dry Bar & let them part my hair in the middle…I loved it!

And shockingly, so did my mom.

So, I don’t think I’ll be taking as many inches off of my hair as I had planned…because I want to keep this middle part going for a little while!

<me & the bride-to-be>

Once we were all finished at Dry Bar, we headed back to Hotel Indigo to change & get freshened up for the rest of the night!

<Rebekah, Jordan, & me…friends since the 5th grade>

After getting ready, we headed over to Two Urban Licks for what I think was one of the best dinners any of us had ever had.

Mary Lee & myself were the only ones that had eaten there before (I think!) & we were bragging about how good their food is before we got there. Hearing is one thing, but experiencing is a completely different thing.

& I think everyone was thoroughly satisfied with their experience!

<bistro steak, mashed potatoes, yellow corn chimichurri>

You are only cheating yourself if you go to Two Urban Licks & don’t order an appetizer of salmon chips.

Everyone from the party will vouch for how delicious they are!

For my entree, I ordered the bistro steak which comes with mashed potatoes & yellow corn chimichurri.

I could have cut my steak with a fork it was so tender.

Other people ordered scallops on a bed of grits, brisket, the burger, and so on.

Just writing about the food is making me so hungry!

<me, Jordan, & Hannah…I can’t tell you how many holidays I’ve spent with these girls: Thanksgiving night movies, Christmas Eves at church in our pajamas, Christmas days & Easters at Hannah’s family’s for potlucks>

<Rebekah & me>


After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to do Jordan’s lingerie shower!

So many fun gifts!


We had a little ring pop trouble…haha.

And some crazy neighbor trouble…don’t worry, the front desk was on our side!

Jordan got some really cute gifts!

Once the presents were all unwrapped, we got our stuff together & hit the town for some fun & dancing!

<the bride getting her dance on>

We made our way around Buckhead (Park Bench, Buckhead Saloon, & Five Paces) for the rest of the night looking for some places with good music!

Top songs on our request list:

1. Wobble

2. Call Me Maybe

3. Wannabe (Unfortunately we got turned down for this one everytime…don’t DJs know that they would be an instant favorite in the crowd if they played Spice Girls?!)

In all, it was such a fun day/night for all of us & we had so much fun together!

Can’t wait for more wedding festivities with these girls soon!


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