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working for the weekend.

September 4, 2012

Helllllooooo all!

I cannot begin to tell you how insane this past week has been.

I started a new job this past Monday at Onward Reserve in Athens, GA.

Onward started out as a website brought to you by the same guys who began Five Mile Club in 2011 & opened the Five Mile store in December 2011.

Five Mile Club is basically a men’s version of Gilt Groupe…a flash sale sight for men.

From that branched in July 2012.

With a successful launch of the website & the perfect location coming available, TJ & Will (the owners) decided to open a storefront downtown.

And that’s where I come along.

While my position is manager of the store, this past week I think my title was manual laborer…along with the marketing/buying associate & accountant…we were a sight to see!

But, after a LOT of hard work in a short amount of time, the store came together in a beautiful way.

Here are some pictures from my 90.5 hour work week:

Virginia & Sam…just carrying a cheetah into the store…the usual.

Our sign is up & our doors are open!

Don’t worry…this was taken on my way home from work…at 6:45 am…when I had to be back at 9:00 am for the store opening at 10:00 on Saturday.

It might have been a long week if…you find your boss napping under the bar.

This was just what I need to see on my hot tea Sunday morning.

I’ll post pictures of the finished store this week.

It seriously looks incredible.



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