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guess who’s back?

January 15, 2013

Back again?

Jordan’s back…tell a friend.

It has been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to post…clearly.

My job has pretty much consumed my life the past few months & if I haven’t been at work, it’s likely I was sleeping…or eating.

But mostly sleeping.

That said, this is a new year.

2013 is going to be one for the books…I’ve got a good feeling about it!

One of my resolutions is to be better about blogging — because I love it & my readers!

I’m determined to make time for the people & the things I love this year.

But to start things off, here’s a look back at 2012:

downtown gainesville

<photo cred: Miranda Parks>

I’m going to skip ahead to the beginning of #prevailingstyle…because I can. & because I’m so glad it happened.


<@jp_rowland on instagram>

I fell in love with spikes.

& Instagram.


This little tiny became one of my very best pals.


My bestie & I got to meet Bravo Andy (Cohen)…he really does have the 411.


Friendship bracelets & I kind of had a fling…


Gavin DeGraw made tp&me twirl our little hearts out at Chastain.

Immediately following a root canal, might I add.


I squeezed in some relaxation somewhere in there.


Contrary to what this picture may portray, I did not have a breast removed.

Just the ole tee tucked in the bandeau trick.

Got yaaaaa.


<photo cred: Amanda Coker of DASH Photography>

I fell in love with neon & Amanda’s eye for capturing.


I spent a little r&r time at the cabin with my fam.


I learned to like pizza & ate Mellow Mushroom in excess with my best friends.


Rog won Wimby.

What. A. Smoke. Show.

phelps louis vuitton

I didn’t miss a single swim of Michael Phelps’s.

& he became even more swoon-worthy when this add appeared.

The Olympics literally consumed two entire weeks of my life.


I became the manager of this new “purveyor of fine menswear.”


I cut a solid foot of multicolored hair off.

That’s right, a whole 12 inches.

Jordan and Jordan 2

<Rayen Studios Photography>

I was the MOH in one of my best friend’s wedding.


Everyone I know got married.


I saw some great shows at one of my favorite venues — Railroad Earth, Punch Brothers…most recently Who’s Bad, a Michael Jackson tribute band.


I got mistaken for Wilfred…and asked if I was wearing buzzard.


I fulfilled my civic duty…to no avail.


I got some kicks…that I kind of love.

I wasn’t sure I had the street smarts for them at first…but don’t you worry, I learned to fill the shoes quickly.



Erin Gates of Elements of Style retweeted & followed me.

I died.

& Tommy Caswell loves corduroys.


I turned 24…as my sister pointed out — that much closer to 30.


I went to my 4th Eric Church show…this time with VIP tickets & Pit Passes — all thanks to Drew Bear!


My arm partied on a regular basis.


I spent my 16th Christmas in a row with this old man.

I also failed to take any pictures on New Years Eve, but you can trust I spent it with some great friends!

That just about sums up 2012 for me.

I’d apologize for the digital scrapbook, but I’ve been told people like picture posts…so if you’re one of those people, this one’s for you!

Until next time…which hopefully won’t be 5 months.


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  1. January 15, 2013 9:49 am

    Great job on recapping an eventful year! Lots of fun you had…and more to come in
    2013. 🙂

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