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March 2, 2013

Big shocker…I’ve got more to say on the Oscars.

But really, I didn’t even get into my worst dressed in my first post on the big night.

Not to mention, I can always gush about well dressed celebrities.

Two of my favorite things…people with supreme style & celebzzz.

But, let’s start this post off with my worst dressed of the evening:

everyone’s favorite (for reason’s I’m still unsure of), Anne Hathaway.

anne hathaway 0

Really Anne? I know this was your second choice, but you should have left the fancy apron at home.

While pointy boobs were once considered attractive (circa the days of Madonna), that time has passed.

And you’re not bringing it back in a good way.

Not to mention, I’m not a fan of the backwards necklace (or any necklace for that matter) with this neckline.

It’s awkward.

I know she’s really having a moment right now (& I’m obsessed), but J.Law pulled off the pointy boobs (in Dior) & the backwards necklace better in every aspect.

anne hathaway 2

Here’s a little insight into the whole debacle that ruffled a few Valentino feathers…

Anne (we’re on a first name basis), a loyal wearer of all things Valentino, was originally supposed to wear the center gown. But, she caught wind of what fellow Les Mis star, Amanda Seyfried, was wearing — an original Alexander McQueen that looked quite similar to her Valentino — & made a last minute change to the very pretty Prada apron.

When I say last minute, I mean 3 hours before go time…according to the star herself.

Out of the 3, the unworn Valentino is by far the prettiest, if you ask me.

So that makes for a sad dress, a sad Valentino, & a sad Anne.

Not to mention, I read that she went into an all out crying fit when she saw what Amanda would be wearing…to the point that when she finally arrived at her house on Sunday, hours late to a waiting staff, she made everyone get her ready in complete silence…real mature, Anne.

anne hathaway 1

& now a glimpse at Anne’s 3 looks for the night.

On the far left, she wore a custom light blue silk Saint Laurent column gown to the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty.

I’m a little indifferent on this look…I think I might be okay with it, while it’s not all that figure flattering.

In the middle, we’re all up to date on how I feel about this pale pink Prada gown. Apron. Just think apron.

I love the Tiffany & Co. diamond necklace…but, loathe it with this gown. Bad combo, people.

And on the right, for her Les Miserables performance, she donned a nude-hued embellished custom Giorgio Armani gown…which, while I think it somewhat resembles another fancified apron, I kind of like it.

But, don’t quote me on that.

jennifer anniston

Up next, we’ve got America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston.

Don’t take this as me putting her on the worst dressed list…because I’m not.

I love the classic Valentino red gown. I think it’s beautiful.

But…I do wish she had done something more than her traditional all down hairstyle.

I know she did it because that’s what’s comfortable to her…but come on Jen, beauty is pain.

Although it seems to come pretty natural to you.

zoe saldana

This Alexis Mabille dress on Zoe Saldana had so much potential.

If she had of worn it sans belt, it would have been beautiful.

The belt is tacky & she’s got such a tiny waist…let the dress itself accentuate it.

A lesson in “overdoing” it, my friends.

diane kruger

Here’s a look at Diane Kruger & Pacey, I mean Joshua Jackson.

I’m kind of loving her caped Giambattista Valli mini & Louboutin combination.

But at the same time, this look gives no justice to her tiny figure…it kind of makes it a little blob-ish.

I have a feeling it’s a little more flattering in person.

jenna dewan

If you have to be pregnant & on the red carpet, you should probably ask Jenna Dewan how.

Her custom Rachel Roy gown was gorge. Her hair & makeup were beautiful.

She looked the best I’ve seen a pregnant lady look in quite a while.

jennifer lawrence

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you are missing out big time.

This was one of my favorite moments of the night.

Jennifer Lawrence was so star struck by Jack Nicholson — it was so funny!

You can watch it here.

ben affleck then & now

And just a little moment to end today’s post: Ben Affleck then & now.

A look at his first Oscar win & his most recent…just a cute as ever.

Side note: I love his voice…I wish he could read me bed time stories every night.

Anddd that’s that.



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