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flower child.

May 8, 2013

Well, my plan to blog more regularly somewhat backfired.

I guess that’s why it was a new year’s resolution…so it could be broken.

Because, let’s be honest, how many of those are actually kept?

On another note, I got to shoot with Amanda of Dash Photography recently — she’s so much fun!

I’ve had a slight obsession with flower crowns for a while now & decided to make my own the other day.

It’s a little over the top; I’m aware. But I kind of like it like that.

The pieces I’m wearing have been somewhat in my go-to repertoire.

I love a good oversized top.

This one is actually made out of bamboo & is ridiculously comfortable.

I’m not prepared to say I bought it in 4 colors, but I’m not prepared to say I didn’t either.

I love almostall things chartreuse, so of course this skirt caught my eye.

The lace fabric helps a little, too. I enjoy a good feminine piece.

Wisteria, I love. Spring is here and summer is on the way, people.

Countdown to Gatsby: 2 days.

Happy Hump Day!


top, skirt, sandals: DressUp

watch: Michael Kors

bracelets: DANNIJO

ring: vintage

not finished yet.

March 2, 2013

Big shocker…I’ve got more to say on the Oscars.

But really, I didn’t even get into my worst dressed in my first post on the big night.

Not to mention, I can always gush about well dressed celebrities.

Two of my favorite things…people with supreme style & celebzzz.

But, let’s start this post off with my worst dressed of the evening:

everyone’s favorite (for reason’s I’m still unsure of), Anne Hathaway.

anne hathaway 0

Really Anne? I know this was your second choice, but you should have left the fancy apron at home.

While pointy boobs were once considered attractive (circa the days of Madonna), that time has passed.

And you’re not bringing it back in a good way.

Not to mention, I’m not a fan of the backwards necklace (or any necklace for that matter) with this neckline.

It’s awkward.

I know she’s really having a moment right now (& I’m obsessed), but J.Law pulled off the pointy boobs (in Dior) & the backwards necklace better in every aspect.

anne hathaway 2

Here’s a little insight into the whole debacle that ruffled a few Valentino feathers…

Anne (we’re on a first name basis), a loyal wearer of all things Valentino, was originally supposed to wear the center gown. But, she caught wind of what fellow Les Mis star, Amanda Seyfried, was wearing — an original Alexander McQueen that looked quite similar to her Valentino — & made a last minute change to the very pretty Prada apron.

When I say last minute, I mean 3 hours before go time…according to the star herself.

Out of the 3, the unworn Valentino is by far the prettiest, if you ask me.

So that makes for a sad dress, a sad Valentino, & a sad Anne.

Not to mention, I read that she went into an all out crying fit when she saw what Amanda would be wearing…to the point that when she finally arrived at her house on Sunday, hours late to a waiting staff, she made everyone get her ready in complete silence…real mature, Anne.

anne hathaway 1

& now a glimpse at Anne’s 3 looks for the night.

On the far left, she wore a custom light blue silk Saint Laurent column gown to the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty.

I’m a little indifferent on this look…I think I might be okay with it, while it’s not all that figure flattering.

In the middle, we’re all up to date on how I feel about this pale pink Prada gown. Apron. Just think apron.

I love the Tiffany & Co. diamond necklace…but, loathe it with this gown. Bad combo, people.

And on the right, for her Les Miserables performance, she donned a nude-hued embellished custom Giorgio Armani gown…which, while I think it somewhat resembles another fancified apron, I kind of like it.

But, don’t quote me on that.

jennifer anniston

Up next, we’ve got America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston.

Don’t take this as me putting her on the worst dressed list…because I’m not.

I love the classic Valentino red gown. I think it’s beautiful.

But…I do wish she had done something more than her traditional all down hairstyle.

I know she did it because that’s what’s comfortable to her…but come on Jen, beauty is pain.

Although it seems to come pretty natural to you.

zoe saldana

This Alexis Mabille dress on Zoe Saldana had so much potential.

If she had of worn it sans belt, it would have been beautiful.

The belt is tacky & she’s got such a tiny waist…let the dress itself accentuate it.

A lesson in “overdoing” it, my friends.

diane kruger

Here’s a look at Diane Kruger & Pacey, I mean Joshua Jackson.

I’m kind of loving her caped Giambattista Valli mini & Louboutin combination.

But at the same time, this look gives no justice to her tiny figure…it kind of makes it a little blob-ish.

I have a feeling it’s a little more flattering in person.

jenna dewan

If you have to be pregnant & on the red carpet, you should probably ask Jenna Dewan how.

Her custom Rachel Roy gown was gorge. Her hair & makeup were beautiful.

She looked the best I’ve seen a pregnant lady look in quite a while.

jennifer lawrence

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you are missing out big time.

This was one of my favorite moments of the night.

Jennifer Lawrence was so star struck by Jack Nicholson — it was so funny!

You can watch it here.

ben affleck then & now

And just a little moment to end today’s post: Ben Affleck then & now.

A look at his first Oscar win & his most recent…just a cute as ever.

Side note: I love his voice…I wish he could read me bed time stories every night.

Anddd that’s that.



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the academy awards.

February 26, 2013

Oh awards season…it’s like the holidays for those who love fashion.

& let me tell you…the Oscars brings out the best of the best dressed.

Even the worst dressed aren’t that bad.

Not to mention, so much trend forecasting is in play.

Did you notice any 2013 trends on the red carpet?

Black, white, metallics? The peplum hanging around? Sheer? Cutouts?

Here’s my recap of the night:

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Back in black…let’s start with the “unstoppable Adele,” as J.Law so kindly introduced her.

I seriously think she has never looked so beautiful as she did last night in this Jenny Packham dress, that weighed 15 kilos [33 lbs], might I add.

In her red carpet interview, she said, “I feel like Beyoncé.”

Jenny Packham has become quite the go to designer for some of my favorite Brits.

The makeup, the half-updo, the dress…she looked phenom.

adele 2

She also stunned in Burberry for her performance.

Her hair all down & a little messy? Absolute perfection, if you ask me.

When I say I’m obsessed with her, it just doesn’t do justice to my love for her.

She does no wrong.

jennifer garner

Few people opted for color this year at the Oscars.

But, those who did [for the most part] knocked it out of the park.

Jennifer Garner is radiant in this plum, custom Gucci gown.

She was beaming all night; so proud of Ben.

I also loved her choice in [2.5 million dollars worth of] Neil Lane jewels.

Especially the 200 carat necklace. Gorge.

jessica chastain

Jessica Chastain was one of the first to arrive on the red carpet…with her date, her proud grandmother.

In Armani Privé, she was a vision of old Hollywood glamour.

Sophisticated, elegant, very “happy birthday Mr. President…”

The vintage Harry Winston jewels [from the 1960’s], soft curls, & red lipstick were the perfect finishing touches to this look.

charlize theron

Holy Charlize Theron.

She could wear my grandfather’s clothes & still look drop dead gorgeous.

Very few can pull this hair cut off [insert Halle Berry], but she does without a hitch.

This white Dior peplum number & Harry Winston jewels don’t hurt either.

She looks like a goddess.

reese witherspoon

New mom, not for the first time, Reese Witherspoon looked great in cobalt Louis Vuitton.

Reese’s thick, side-swept curls really pulled this look together.

I’m not too crazy about the bow on the black band up top. It needs something up there, I just feel like something other than a flat bow could do the trick.

amy adams

Amy Adams was over the top in Oscar de la Renta & I loved it.

She was magical in this full, barely blue, tulle dress.

amy adams 2

Amy also stunned in this very Gatsby-like Oscar de la Renta dress at the Vanity Fair after party.

I love it. I have a feeling the flapper is making a comeback.

naomi watts

Naomi Watts was so glamorous in this silver sequined Armani Privé gown.

The unique neck line on this dress is to die for.

nicole kidman

Next up, Naomi’s best friend, Nicole Kidman was a stunner as well in a fully sequined L’Wren Scott gown.

It’s been said that they intentionally coordinate on red carpets — that’s sweet.

N.Kid’s soft waves & loosely pulled back hair were a nice touch.

sandra bullock

Sandra Bullock rarely let’s down. She’s so beautiful.

This lace, sheer, & beaded Elie Saab gown was a flattering choice for her.

I wish she had done something a little different with her hair though…maybe all up?

I wasn’t crazy about her hair accessory.

kerry washington

Thanks to Scandal, I have a new found obsession with Kerry Washington.

I think she’s incredible.

So it comes as no surprise that I love her coral Miu Miu gown.

The embellished top & silk train are so elegant.

She topped the look off with Fred Leighton jewels & nude “Olivia Pope” nails.

stacy keibler

Stacy Keibler was absolute perfection in fully beaded Naeem Khan.

Showing the perfect amount of skin, she was gorgeous on George Clooney’s arm.

Now for my pick of best dressed of the night:

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence…le duh. She is totally having a moment.

I’m 100% confident that if she & I ever met, we’d become best friends instantly.

She is too cool for words.

Not to mention, she is a dream in this to die for Dior Haute Couture gown.

Literally a vision in white.

Not to mention, she was dripping in Chopard diamonds. The necklace down her back…yes or yes?

jennifer lawrence 2

I’m telling you…this girl has found her style & is totally owning it.

She hit the Vanity Fair after party in a slinky Calvin Klein gown.

Pick your jaws off the ground, boys.


Annnd…if any of you were wondering, I am so okay with all of these beards that were happening at the Oscars.

Ben, Hugh, George…dead sexy.

bradley cooper

Don’t forget ole Bradley Cooper, too!

Bearded & suited up in Tom Ford with his mom as his date.

Seriously, how cute is that?

quvenzhane wallis

Speaking of cute, who could forget about this starlet, Quvenzhané Wallis?

Hitting the red carpet in Armani & a custom puppy purse named after her own dog, Sammy.

She’s only the youngest actress ever to be nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role by the Academy — flex those arms, girl.

9 years old, people.

After all of its hype at the Oscars, I decided I’ve got to see Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Along with Lincoln & Life of Pi.

I was so happy Argo & Silver Linings Playbook took home awards!

Two of the best movies I’ve seen in a while…


Jennifer Hudson & Adele proved their vocal supremacy on stage once again.

Babs showed us that she’s still got it.

Shirley Bassey didn’t do much for me, but I’m sure most thought she was great.

Kristin Chenoweth…I literally would have preferred earplugs during her “losers” song…but the gold dress — I love.

I could keep going on about the night, and maybe I will tomorrow!

But, for now…happy Tuesday!



<all images via huffingtonpost, people, redcarpetfashionawards, mtv, eonline, sfgate>

celebrity spotlight.

February 17, 2013

I posted on Jennifer Lawrence back in March & just remembered how much I love her…

Thanks to the Glitter Guide!

jennifer lawrence

<via glitter guide>

Seriously…this girl can do very little wrong.

I love her style! & it’s something she’s really owned since she’s been in the spotlight.

Here’s a few of my favorite looks she’s worn recently:

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

[at the 2013 Golden Globes in Dior Haute Couture]

Appropriate choice in designer, considering she is the new face of the label’s Miss Dior handbags.

Not to mention, she looks phenom.

low back

[at the Paris Premiere of The Hunger Games]

Not so recent, but we all know I’m a sucker for a plunging back line & let’s be honest, this one is to die for.

I wantneed it.


What. A. Beaut.

I’m going to need whoever did her makeup here to do mine…everyday…for life.

street style

Her street style is on point.

I love this ensemble…she’s looks effortless [& not in a lazy way].

By the way, if you’ve yet to see Silver Linings Playbook starring Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper — you are missing out!

Happy Sunday!



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jordan’s picks.

February 13, 2013

[Jordan’s Picks] is a new feature post I’m starting this week focused on different products I like in the store I manage!

We’ve got some great stuff [mostly for men, though not all] that I’d love to share with all of you!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d share some of my picks for great gifts in all price ranges!


Starting small, we just got Onward Reserve Tumblers in!

They’re only $15 a piece…& who doesn’t love a good tumbler?

Great for on the go or tailgating!


How cool are these guys?

[The Original Whiskey Ball]

These plastic molds, filled with water & frozen, form ice spheres for your cocktail of choice!

They’re $24 & come in packs of 2.


Next up are my newest obsession, great for guys or girls!

LAFCO Candles [$55] are soy based with an average burn time of 90 hours.

We carry them in an array of feminine & masculine scents.

They’re the perfect thing to spruce up a boyfriend’s living room a little!


My two favorite scents are two of our new arrivals!

If you love fresh, crisp scents, Penthouse & Beach House are just for you!


[Smathers & Branson Flasks $65]

Smathers & Branson is where it’s at if you’re into needlepoint.

& let’s be honest, who isn’t these days?

If you’re a Garden & Gun subscriber, you may have already seen our ad featuring this brand in the current issue.

How fun are these 6 oz. flasks?

We carry a wide variety of patterns; so if a flask is on your list this Valentine’s Day, check out our selection!


Our spring shipments are just arriving at Onward Reserve!

In a recent one from Vineyard Vines, we received these Gingham Bungalow Shorts [$89.50]!

Perfect for Spring Break or any other trip you may have planned to somewhere the weather is warm & the sun is shining.


[Filson Medium Duffle in Otter Green $295]

If you’re looking to begin collecting a line of luggage, I couldn’t recommend Filson’s products more.

I’ve recently purchased this piece & couldn’t be happier with it.

I love the durability & the masculine features.


‘scuse the awkward selfie [& blurry picture], but I think I may need to add these Ray-Ban Meteor shades to my collection in the near future.

Slight cat eye frames fading from black to tortoise, they are they are the perfect combination of classic + unique.


We had a few visitors at the store last week from the UGA football team, so I thought I’d throw these in!

Hunter Long [OG], John Theus [OT], & David Andrews [C] stopped in for a visit & showed some Onward love!


Onward Reserve [Athens] loves the Dawgs!

If you’re interested in any of the items featured in today’s post, click the links to them or check out!

And a plus, it’s always free shipping!

Happy Hump Day!




February 12, 2013

The Grammys are by far my favorite awards show of the year, without question.

& let me tell you, this year did not let me down.

If you ask me, it was the best it has been in years.

The red carpet, with a few exceptions, was to die for.

Here are a few of my favorite looks of the night:


Karlie Kloss was flirty in a blue Michael Kors dress.

I’m all about the cut-outs & low backs — & I think this dress is so fun!

I think I might like it better in another color though…maybe coral?


I loved Kelly Osbourne’s Paule Ka gown…with the cut-outs, again.

But I kind of loathed her hair.That long, slicked back, purple pony tail just didn’t do it for me.


And the maximum cut-outs award goes to Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra.

She looks fierce.

And scandalous.

It may be a bit much for the red carpet…one that sent out guidelines on how to dress to avoid the scandalous looks.


Taylor Swift owned the red carpet in J. Mendel.

It’s unfortunate her tone deaf performance & obnoxious behavior was a distraction from how pretty she looked.

In other news, is everyone aware she & Adele are practically the same age?


Speaking of Adele, this Valentino dress may not have been the most flattering choice for her, BUT it was the first time I’ve seen her in anything other than black & I kind of loved that.

Not to mention, she’s Adele.

She can do whatever the heck she wants.



Beyoncé was a little less than impressive in Osman.

After her inaugural look, I had pretty high hopes for her that a pants suit just didn’t fill.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what she’s wearing…I just don’t love it for the Grammys.


Rihanna takes the cake for best dressed of the night, in my opinion.

This Azzedine Alaia gown is so romantic & feminine.

Not to mention, she stuns in this bold red, with the long locks, & lips to match!

Even if she was a weirdo on stage during Stay.

Now on to the men…


JT is back & he brought sexy with him in a major way.

I’m not totally sure how I feel about this Tom Ford tux, but I think it’s kind of growing on me.

I love the oversized bow tie.

Not to mention, his hair has never looked better.


Really, he’s come so far.

And for my best dressed male of the night:


Trey Songz, ladies & gentlemen.

It’s hard to see in this picture, but his Moschino jacket has a very subtle leopard pattern woven in.

The jacket, the shoes, it all looks great.


Rosie + Sophia Grace

How could I forget these cuties?

Speaking of cuties, where was Bieber?!

Well that’s my Grammys round up — I’d love to hear what you think!



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mani monday.

February 11, 2013

In honor of last night’s Grammy Awards Show, I went with some serious bling on my nails this weekend.

It’s a little farther than I would usually take it, but it was festive for my all-time favorite awards show!


I started out with Essie’s Good as Gold.

This polish dries so fast…it’s like a liquid gold leaf.


& it’s beautiful when dried.

I could have left it simple with the plain gold…but I kind of wanted to be just a little bit gaudier.

So I added the same sparkles from last week — Nicole for OPI Kissed at Midnight in the Selena Gomez collection.


If only these bad boys could have taken a walk down E! News’ #manicam.


Like I said, they’re a little much…& I kind of liked it!

Did you do anything special to your every day look in celebration of the Grammys?